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Aubrie Nixon Updates

Hello, friends! It’s been a minute. There have been quite a few BIG changes that have happened in my life.

I started my own company, Nixie Moon LLC! I am so excited. I have always done digital marketing, content editing, ghost writing etc… for other business owners, and been a full time employee for others while working in toxic environments, and having to subject myself to their way of thinking. I have never been your typical 9-5, work until you are dead type of girl. I just never had the confidence to branch off on my own, and do what I love, and make money! I still can’t believe I did it. I get to make my own hours, only take on clients I want (and I have been very picky! Its done wonders for my mental health) and I get to do what I love! It’s been a dream!

Well, now that I have had such a wonderful shift in my life journey, I have been able to work on some awesome bookish things! AH!!!! So without further adu…….

Released February 18th, 2022 is a short story I wrote called The Iter. I am releasing it now to get ya’ll invested and questioning everything that resides within the pages. Because, ya’ll, though she may be small, she is mighty. The Iter will have a follow up FULL LENGTH novel (possible series) being released later this year surrounding the events in the short story. Intrigued yet?

YOU SHOULD BE! The Iter is my absolute favorite piece of writing that I have ever done. Hence the need to follow it up with a novel….who am I kidding, a SERIES!

If you would like a sticker of the OG cover of The Iter, just send proof of purchase to with your address, and I will send you one.

Order: Here.

Releasing in 2022 is a book of poetry called It Can Be Done. I went through a pretty dark period in 2018-2019. I got divorced, was suddenly a single mom trying to find out who I was, and

still provide a stable household for my small child. I dated A LOT….I can’t wait to share some of those stories in my book of poetry. I guess think poetry, mixed with stories of angst, love, heartbreak, dating mishaps, and finding myself. I am really excited for this one! More information to come soon!

Not to worry Age of Endings fans, I have made a commitment

to get Book 2 (title soon to be released) out by the end of the 2022! Exact release date is pending, but fear not! There is much fun and danger lurking within the depths of Zephera’s story. She still has a lot to tell you.

Don’t forget about Daegan’s novella: Requiem of Sorrow, you can find that here.

If you haven’t, follow my new author page on Facebook! I lost access to my old account with over 4,000 followers, and I had to start from scratch! UGH. Author-Aubrie Nixon is the handle, and of course my Instagram AubrieDoes.



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