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Flash Fiction Friday: Melanie M

Every Friday I plan to have a guest author write a piece of flash fiction for my blog! This week, it's the one and only Melanie M.

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Forget everything you know about the affair between Ares and Aphrodite.

Ares wasn’t always the God of War. He was once a mere mortal, a powerful leader of armies that wiped out entire nations. His black heart was known throughout the worlds, both on Earth and Olympus. Even the great Hades appreciated the destruction that Ares caused. This, of course, meant nothing to Ares. The heartless man cared for naught but blood upon his sword and the feeling of sheer triumph. Ares found comfort in the chaos. He never felt fear, only caused it.

When Ares was but a young soldier, his cold heart was in the hands of a young maiden. He trusted her completely and loved her deeply. While he was away on a distant battlefield, ruin fell upon his homeland. Blood flowed through the streets. No man, woman, or child was left alive. Including his lover. As he held her dead body, he shook his fist to the heavens and declared that he would never fall in love again.

Aphrodite herself took it as a challenge.


Many wars and many years passed. Aphrodite sent numerous ladies to the stubborn man. None tempted him. He only lusted for the thrill of an enemies’ death. If he did take a woman to bed, it was for one night. He refused to stay till sunrise.

After too many failed attempts, Aphrodite’s pride began to hurt. She was the Goddess of Beauty and Love, dammit! She would prove the fool wrong! In a moment of irrationality, Aphrodite traveled to the human world and right into the camp of Ares and his vast army. Without thinking, the Goddess stormed into the commander’s tent.

Luckily, Ares was alone. Had anyone else been in the tent, they might have gone blind from the sheer exquisiteness of Aphrodite. Her beautiful face was enraged, her eyes narrowing on the man hunched over a shield he was shining. He lifted his gaze and slowly rose, only a small bit of surprise showing on his handsome face. The two appeared to be complete opposites in appearance: Aphrodite with liquid sunshine hair-Ares with sleek midnight coloring to his curly locks. Her eyes were a deep amethyst purple while his were a clear crystal blue. His facial features were sharp and strong: tall in stature and muscular, seeping masculinity. Aphrodite was a dainty and well-developed female, the absolute definition of beauty and grace, her face soft with full red lips.

“You idiot!” the goddess shouted, striding to the man who simply watched her. His face had returned to its unfeeling expression. That stare usually sent men running in the opposite direction. But not her. That was what surprised him. She was not the first Goddess to come to him. Athena had visited several times. Aphrodite was a much more desirable deity though. That he would not deny.

“What brings the Goddess Aphrodite to my humble encampment?” his voice remained bored, only infuriating Aphrodite further.

“I came to discuss the contest you issued.” She took a step back as she realized the size of him. Gods…He was massive. As large as Zeus himself.

“What contest are you referring to milady?” his voice was deep and smooth. It seemed to caress every inch of her. Aphrodite paused, confused by what she was feeling. She knew lust and desire better than anyone. But Ares was not hers to have. She needed to find him someone else. A companion to prove him wrong, right?

“You swore you would never love again. That was clearly a challenge to me.”

“Surely you’re joking.” His voice had a note of amusement. Aphrodite crossed her arms over her chest, drawing Ares’ attention to her voluptuous breasts.

“I suggest you do not question a goddess.” She was rather lovely when she was angry. Ares was enjoying this.

“I suggest you leave before I show you how I am not just a god of war.” His vibrant blue eyes roamed over her every curve with hunger. Gods above, she was superb. Ares’s hands twitched from the urge to touch her. Everywhere.

Her aura was seductive and alluring. His mouth watered as his eyes darted to her blood red lips, begging to be kissed. Aphrodite gave a smirk, obviously aware of her effect on him. But, he was also aware of the effect he was having on her. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes bright with desire. Ares took a step towards her. He raised his hand to her cheek, running a calloused thumb over her cheekbone. Her ivory skin was so smooth, so different to his bronzed coloring.

She tilted her head back slightly to gaze up at him through thick lashes. In her eyes, he saw the stars of other worlds. He saw every shade of lust and love. And as he leaned down to kiss her softly he tasted the sweetest wine, the honeyed treats he loved as a child. She smelled of never-ending meadows that were made for lovers. The kiss turned ravenous and Aphrodite melted against Ares’ firm body. Heat flowed through her, yearning that she had never felt in her immortal life. Ares bit her lower lip that caused her to whimper softly. He placed his hands on her hips, digging his fingers into her skin. What a flimsy gown she was wearing, so easy to shred. She twined her fingers through his thick hair, forcing him to kiss her harder.

A horn sounded, interrupting the couple. The sounds of battle quickly erupted around them. They pulled apart, both panting.

“We are not finished.” Ares snarled, meeting her gaze. He couldn’t tell if his blood was rushing because of her or the upcoming fight. Could this goddess truly make him long for her more than combat? Aphrodite gave a seductive grin.

“I accept your challenge.” With that, she was gone.

Aphrodite returned to Olympus and Ares returned to the battlefield. That is how love and war truly began.

Interested in being featured in Flash Fiction Friday?

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