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Using a Touch Phone

about me.

In this life, Aubrie Nixon is an author, an editor, a coach,

a creator, a designer, a human.

(although she wishes she was Fae).

As an Extroverted Empath, Aubrie sees herself at the beginning

of her journey of Awakening. Day or night, Aubrie actively pursues self-empowerment. “My vibrations are changing through my meditation and dream walking.” She passionately pursues every opportunity along her path by, using her knack for connecting with anyone, her empathy, and creativity.

Aubrie has a rare genetic disorder called

Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1), she lives with chronic nerve pain and migraines. She has had multiple surgeries to remove tumors from her nerves, and has endured a decade worth of Occupational and Physical Therapy. Her family jokingly calls her the Bionic Woman because of the metal rod in her spine, and multiple metal places throughout her body.

Despite her differently-abled-ness, Aubrie still wants to make her mark on the world. She wishes to leave behind a legacy of love, kindness, acceptance, and adventure.

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