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Age of WHAAATT??

Oh hey! I recognize those books! Its Requiem of Sorrow and Secret of Souls!

Hey readers! In preparation for Book 2 (Title to be announced) we are going through both books (RoS and SoS) and adding a few things, and changing the covers!!! Both the prequel novella and the full length novel are being formatted to be two in ONE! I am so excited because having both these beauties in PRINT form is going to be a dream come true!

So….I don’t have an exact release date for BOOK 2 yet, but it is coming in 2022 (or early 2023)! I can hardly wait to share the continuation of Zephera’s journey with you all. Book 2 introduces some super SPICY new characters, as well as following our gang of misfits right where we left them at the end of Secret of Souls.

What would YOU like to see on the covers, my friends?

If you haven’t yet, follow me on IG at @aubriedoes and be sure to keep a close eye on that space (and this one) for announcements.

See ya soon!


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